Should Your Hair be Up or Down at your Wedding?

June 13, 2017 | by Dan Lalonde Comments

Something like this can be a tough decision as it can have a huge impact on your wedding day.

I’ve been photographing weddings for the past 23 years and when it comes to hair styles I have seen it all.
Your hairstyle needs to last the whole day and it needs to be able to endure all kinds of conditions such as sweat, humidity, sun, wind and hugs from your guests.  Depending on the thickness and texture of your hair, if it’s down, it might not last all day.

If your hair can hold curls or volume for an extended period of time then your hair will be able to hold it’s shape very well.

Ruddy added extension to her natural perfect hair.  Had it curled and pined at the back and Bam!!! she looked stunning.

brider with her hair extension
Ruddy looks stunning with her hair extension

Julie has natural curls.   She wore it with a natural volume and a bit pin-tuck behind at the back for her wedding.  It worked perfectly for the July heat. She looked breathtaking!

bride with long hair with your beautiful wedding gown
Why not show off your long hair with your beautiful wedding gown

Amy had it all down with the perfect volume for their black tie wedding. It fit perfectly with her princess gown.

bride who looks like a princess
Amy looked like a princess

These girls seriously have GORGEOUS hair that can last through anything. If you have hair like mine, I’ll spend hours working on the perfect curl only to have my locks barely last through cocktail.
If you think your hair won’t last long or you are nervous about frizz, humidity, curls falling flat then you might want to consider wearing it up.  There are so many creative ways for up dos.

Stephanie, has gorgeous hair that will last for days. I’ve never seen a single strand out of place with this girl, and her hair looked gorgeous all day long at her summer for her August wedding.

Stephanie looks stunning in this getting ready photo

Kassandra kept it simple and stunning with her hair up and tied in curls for their country wedding at the Haymow. This look is always a winner in my book because it makes your cheekbones and neck look dynamite in photos.

The detail on Kassandra's dress is delicate and stunning
The detail on Kassandra’s dress is delicate and stunning

Kathryn had a similar look except the curls where closer to her neck.  It was perfect for her glowing personality.

This photo is classic and timeless

Joannie had low curls as well that made her look very sexy in her gorgeous gown.

Do you agree Joannie looks sexy!!!

Wearing your hair up will last longer and stay in tact through the celebration.

I hope these photos have brought you ideas for your own look.  Whether you wear your hair up or down, you will look stunning on your wedding day.

Follow this link for more wedding hair tips by Stephanie Lambert Professional Hair stylist.

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