Trust your photographer!

When you hire an experienced and professional wedding photographer, you’re hiring someone who is creative and has a vision. Someone who will see the potential in a scene that you might not see.

A skilled photographer will have great ideas for capturing amazing photos of your special day

Add some spice with a bridal boudoir photo

Before putting on your wedding dress, consider reserving some time to get a few bridal boudoir photos with your dress.

They will be a nice keepsake and your husband will surely appreciate them!

Include your pets

If pets are part of your family, why not include them in your photos? Whether you have an outdoor ceremony and they walk down the aisle with you, or you decide to simply include them in a family photo, they will help you preserve a great memory of the day.

Add a theme

If you have a particular passion or hobby, include it as part of your wedding.

This could be a locale, a vintage vehicle, or something else that you love, like a season. Be daring, it's your wedding day!

Add some colour

Bright colours make outstanding photos.

Co-ordinate your invitations with your theme

The first glimpse your guests will receive of your wedding is your invitations. Make sure all of the wedding stationery matches the style and colours of your theme, as this will set the tone for your wedding.


Your guests will rely on your wedding stationery to tell them what to wear and what they can expect. For example, if the invitation looks very traditional, your guests will have no idea you've chosen a western-themed or Las Vegas style wedding. Instead, make sure your wedding stationery reflects your theme. That way, everyone will be prepared, which means they will be more comfortable and ready to enjoy themselves.


Make sure your invitations include important elements such as the RSVP card, reception details, directions to hotels for out-of-town guests, and directions to the ceremony and reception venues.

Say it with flowers

Your bridal bouquet is the one of the most important accessories you will have on your wedding day. Make sure it is a fabulous accent piece that accentuates your beautiful gown. Your bouquet will also give you a good prop to hold onto if you start to feel nervous or emotional when everyone is looking at you!

All of the flowers you choose for your wedding should reflect your personality and wedding theme. They help add ambiance to your reception venue and will add extra detail to your wedding photos —especially if you choose vibrant colours.

Keep the focus on you!

A growing trend is to ask guests to unplug during the ceremony.

With everyone carrying smartphones, it can seem like guests are more interested in taking photos with their device than taking part in your ceremony. Distracting to the officiant, guest photo-taking can also make it much more difficult for your professional photographer to capture proper photos.

Consider having an unplugged ceremony so your guests can sit back and relax. Let your guests know that you will be more than happy to share your professional wedding photos with them.

Choose the right reception venue

An incredible reception will be a night to remember for you and your guests.

Create unforgettable memories at a place that is beautiful, convenient and offers the variety of services that you'll need on your wedding day.

Let them eat cake!

The wedding cake is another visual focal point that your guests will pay attention to after they have admired your floral arrangements at your reception venue because food is one thing guests always remember.

In the past few years, wedding cakes have become fanciful treats that are both decadent and decorative, featuring splashes of colour and artistic ornaments.

Cake designers are getting more and more creative, with couples choosing desserts that take on the shape of their favorite landmark, colour, or flower. Whether they are light and delicate or bold and colorful, they can be as unique as your heart desires, featuring curly effects, towering designs even edible flowers. Cupcakes are also a great option.

Have a groom's cake designed to showcase your fiancés interests, such as a favorite sport or hobby. You can also have a candy station for the kids.

Invent your own signature sip

One of the popular trends in weddings has been to create a perfect cocktail for your perfect day. Rather than providing a full bar for guests, couples are opting to offer only beer and wine, plus a signature cocktail created especially for the occasion.

Choose a wedding favour that represents you

Give your guests favours that say something about your interests. One couple gave maple syrup they had made themselves. Another couple gave coffee because they are big coffee drinkers.

Share your history

A romantic and elegant way to share your family history is to display photos from your parents and grandparent's weddings.

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