Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Private one on one coaching might just be what you need.

Here are some area where I can assist with coaching:

- In Person Sales (IPS)
- Social Media Marketing
- Annual Marketing Plan
- Pricing for Profit
- Studio Workflow
- Client Experience

We will discuss your business as it is now, as well as where you would like it to be. I'll do a review of your website, social media, pricing, your sales process and create an action plan to improve all of those facets in your business

Half-Day Mentor Session

4 hours of mentoring via Skype or in person
4 hours of instructions
One 30-mnute follow-up by Skype call

One-Hour Mentor Session

1 hour mentoring session via Skype

Seize the moment now and connect with me today by email or call 613-841-1469.

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