Top 10 Reasons to use a Travel Agent

August 28, 2014 | by Chantal Benoit Comments

Darlene Maloney, Travel Agent from Travel Only
Darlene Maloney, Travel Agent from Travel Only

Darlene Maloney, a home based Orleans Travel Manager from TravelOnly would like all potential travelers to become familiar with the:

Top 10 Reasons to use a Travel Agent include:

  • 10. Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) helps to protect your travel investment through of receipt of a high service standards from travel experts as well as an ability for recourse should issues arise
  • 9. Access to many travel suppliers with the right travel options made available to you
  • 8. Knowledge of the industry, its suppliers and their products can be used to plan the complete trip from start to finish including perks, if available
  • 7. Unbiased travel information to get you the best value for your investment
  • 6. Assistance in clarification of the small print
  • 5. Presentation of viable options to aid your decision making process
  • 4. Local business people in your community that you can easily reach
  • 3. Your research is done for you
  • 2. You can focus your time on other more meaningful and personally satisfying activities
  • Build a meaningful relationship with your local travel service provider

Those that still insist on booking their own travel are welcome to check out the travel opportunities at Darlene Maloney consumer website at: If that website is used, Darlene will validate with reach out to that consumer to ensure that the client is aware of what travel package was purchased and strive to find ways to add value to that booking.

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