Ottawa Photographer – Professional Headshots can Help Grow your Business

March 14, 2013 | by Chantal Benoit Comments

Whether you are a banker, real estate agent, reporter, an up-and-coming actor, musician or author, a professional headshot will reinforce your image and help your business grow.

Here are a few samples from a variety of industries.

Real Estate: A minimal background and dark wardrobe helps keep the focus on your face. A warm, welcoming smile and good posture create an approachable yet professional look.

Before_After_Real_Estate_HeadshotAuthor: Your readers will enjoy a chance to put your face to your name. A professional headshot looks great in book jackets and websites, and can help you build your brand in the publishing world. Depending on your genre, these headshots can range from dramatic to casual and astute to comedic. Locations also vary, from ‘indoors’ to ‘outdoors’ and can be customized to create a one-of-a kind look.

Banker: Similar to real estate headshots, these are typically an indoor session with a minimal background. Professional wardrobe and a more subdued smile will give your clients a sense of security.

Reporter/Columnist: Your readers ‘can’ associate with your work, and want to put a face to your name. However’,’ unlike an author’s portrait’,’ your headshot shouldn’t be too dramatic. A light background and simple business wardrobe will help highlight your features. Your portrait should create a sense of confidence and poise.

Musician: Whether you are an established artist or an up-and-comer, a good headshot will be a great addition to your press kit, website and other marketing materials. While album art and posters might feature any number of styles, locations and poses, a basic headshot will better ‘compliment’ your bio on your website and press kit, creating a professional look that will help you book better events and build your career. That said, your headshot can still represent you as a person and an artist, and might include your trademark wardrobe and instrument.

Headshots aren’t just for these industries. No matter what field you work in, if you want to create a professional image, update your website and marketing materials with a professional headshot. Any service based industry professional will especially benefit, whether you are a hair stylist, landscaper or child care professional. Your reputation and your image are a big part of your business.

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