Are you due for another family photo?

September 2, 2016 | by Dan Lalonde Comments

Family sitting on a wood fence posing for their fall family photo.
Take advantage of the fall color to update your family photo

Although organizing a family portrait session can be time-consuming and a pain, the end result will make it worth it.

The fall is a great season to refresh your family photo as you can use these photos to gift people over the holidays. Especially the people you never know what to buy for.

Make your family photo session a positive experience by following these 5 tips:

1. If you have small kids, schedule your family session in the morning when the kids feel their best and are the most happier.  If you schedule your session at the end of the day make sure they have a nap so you don’t end up with grumpy kids.

2. Coordinate the colors of your clothing and avoid patterns. Solid colors will help the overall flow and keep the focus on everyone’s face. It’s okay if one family member has a simple stripe or a basic design, but too many busy patterns will detract from their faces.

3. If you have smaller kids, keep it simple by going casual. Your family photo will look more relaxed and look like you are having fun with each other.

Family in a park posing for their fall family photo.
Keep your clothing simple

4. Make sure everyone’s hair has been brushed. Make sure that you and your family have had something to eat and are well rested.

5. It is nice to have a family photo of everyone but don’t forget the “mini groups”. Take advantage and do all the children with their own family, the grandparents, and grand-kids, etc. while everyone is together. A combination of photos can fill a large wall and make a nice wall composite.

I hope these tips were useful to you. I would love the opportunity to capture your family heirloom. Call today, 613-841-1469 or e-mail me to schedule your appointment.

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