Lise and Marc buckled up for a Honkey Tonkey wedding. With the sun shining, Lise felt her mama’’s presence.

They met at high noon, at one of their friend’’s ranch, so their photos would have a rustic look to match their Western Theme Wedding. The handsome cowboy awaited while his country princess gal arrived in an antique automobile. They spent a few minutes enjoying their first stare down moment together and admiring each other’’s outfit and gear.

Photos were captured with the hay, the horses, Cassandra and Oceanne, the ranch and the antique vehicle. It was picturesque. We then saddled up and galloped to a different location with an old country side barn and summer flowers.

The families and wedding party gathered at the Sucrerie Le Palais Gommé in Buckingham, to take the group photos before the 6pm ceremony. The boys had fun getting a fair catch of the bride. Some of the girls enjoyed the groom’’s charm while some others looked like out-laws chewing on a piece of grass. Everyone was attentive and then buckaroo to the Gazebo to take their place for the ceremony.

Lise’’s cousin, Marc the sheriff in town, was honored to be their officiant and delivered the ceremony to all the cowboys and cowgirls who attended . Elizabeth the deputy, embellished the ceremony with her sweet voice and sang some of Lise & Marc’s favorite love songs while the sun came down.

The remaining of the evening was celebrated with games and everyone on the dance floor swinging their hats, kicking their heels and tapping their toes to the rhythm.

Many of you enjoyed their engagement photo slideshow and you will definitely enjoy this one.


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