Family Portrait

Even though it can be time consuming to organize a family photo session, it is really worth it to document your family memories. It will be the subject of conversation every time you have guests over as they admire your wall artwork. It will also make your house a home and will last for generations to come.

There are many parks and locations in Ottawa if you are more of an outdoor person. Petrie Island, Museum of Cumberland, Experimental Farm or Domaine Perreault will provide you with beautiful surroundings and backgrounds. Go with classic colors and end up with a timeless photo that will last years to come. Pets are more than welcome too.

Outdoor family portrait are important because long after you are gone, those photographs will bring history to life. They are a slice of time in the lives of family albums.

There is no perfect time to have your outdoor family portrait created, so call today at 613-841-1469 or email me so we can capture your family heirloom.

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