Will you Match or Not Match at your next Family Photo Session

August 27, 2015 | by Dan Lalonde Comments

The white or black t-shirt and everyone in denim jeans is not your style because classic and timeless is not you. You are outgoing and like funky or bright colors. You do not like to be told how to sit, stand and pose.

White is classic and will never be outdated
White is classic and will never be outdated

For your next family session, why not put your family in colors that are either in the similar hues or complimentary and do a candid only session? These images are great for wall collage portrait or as a slideshow.


Similar hues: Soft of dusty colors, vibrant colors, neutral colors.

Complimentary: Colors that are opposite on the color wheel like blue-orange, red-green, purple-yellow.

So for your next session choose either similar or complimentary colors and ask your photographer to follow you around and do your own thing.

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