Does size matter?

June 10, 2019 | by Chantal Benoit Comments

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bigger boudoir photos on wall


Let’s talk about size. There are times when bigger is better therefore size does have an impact.

Large wall prints are attention-grabbing, make a statement and set the mood in a bedroom.

Is print dead?


Imagine a 24×30 framed print or canvass above your headboard. Add some floor-to-ceiling drapes and a crystal chandelier and you have a very sexy bedroom.

Size does matter when it comes to where you want to place your boudoir photo. It needs to fill your wall therefore you don’t want to add a large photo to a small wall as it will be too big and you don’t want to add a small photo to a large photo as it will look like a stamp.

Many woman haven’t considered the idea of creating such a beautiful piece because most local photo labs can’t create prints or canvas bigger than 16″x20″.

Also most photos from the camera phones don’t have enough pixels on their sensor to print that large. The photos would look “blurry” or pixelated when printed. Some photos require cropping and certain labs will not resize the photo for you.

When digital files are purchased from a professional photographer and printed at a local lab, the photo is some time stretched or printed with more of a hue of red. A professional photographer will know how to prepare the file for printing.

A professional photographer has the ability to create a sexy unique and original wall prints for your bedroom or walking closet which it can be printed as large as you need for your wall.

Boudoir wall prints are an investment. Let a professional photographer provide you with a quality product.

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