A couple’s boudoir photo session is a fantastic experience, your chance to have fun together and create stunning photos of the two of you together.

When a couple is deeply in love, they often want to capture that love in photos. There are many reasons just for fun, pre and post engagement, anniversaries, or simply as a way to reconnect as a couple after marriage and children.

No matter what your reason, a boudoir photo session is a great opportunity to capture the joy and passion you feel for one another. Just imagine having a sexy wall portrait of the two of you hanging in your bedroom.

Your photos can be modern, classic, artistic, semi-nude or romantic. It’s whatever you are comfortable with no need to take your shirt off unless you want to! Whatever style you choose, these tasteful photos will be all about showing your love and intimacy and making your relationship stronger.

A couple’s session is also a great excuse to take some time away together. Book a hotel room and take a romantic break away from the kids and your everyday duties. Order room service and a nice bottle of wine enjoy a relaxing bath.

So, go ahead book your couple’s boudoir photo session now! Give me a call at 613-841-1469 or email me today to schedule your session. You both deserve it.

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