Did you know your business card is your storefront?

February 17, 2015 | by Chantal Benoit Comments

I’ve been going to a monthly network lunch for quite some time and one of the person I have met there is Ron.

Ron is a real estate agent with Royal Lepage and is very knowledgeable in his field. Every time I arrive at the lunch I look for him because I know if I sit with him he will educate me on different topics.

At our first meeting he gave me the below card and I thought he was in need of my help very badly.

I asked Ron if he still wore his glasses and he advised me he had laser eye surgery done. I asked him if he wore a suit and tie to meet his clients, he advise he now wore a casual look.

Ron realized he needed a new photo so we started discussing his business portrait session. I asked him if he wanted a light or dark background and he asked me the difference. The purpose of a white background is that some designers find it much easier to cut and paste the person onto their website or business card to blend with the white background but if he left it up to me I would choose the dark background and he agreed.

Ron's before and after
Ron’s before and after

The purpose of a dark background with dark clothing is to focus on the face. The other reason I wanted to photograph Ron in the dark clothing was because he had made a comment about his weight gain and I knew with the darker background his weight would not be as prominent as a white background.

I advised Ron to dress in the way he met his clients, in dark solid color and to avoid clothing with patterns so the focus would remain on his face. There is an exception to this rule when people where uniforms or because they have a funky style.

When Ron got his new card he said the people in his office were floored and did not recognize him.

Your business card is the first chance to make an last impression to your clients. Call today or e-mail me to book your session because the investment will be worthwhile.

Darlen's before and after
Darlene’s before and after

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