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Your wedding day has finally arrived. This is the day to look and feel your most beautiful. You have waited a long time for this day, and prepared everything down to the last detail except maybe a gift for your fiancé? Why not surprise him with a sassy, sexy bridal boudoir photos?

Bridal Boudoir is a wonderful, sexy gift for your man. Imagine the look on his face if you were to have a wall portrait delivered to him the morning of the wedding or present him with a personal album on your wedding night.

Boudoir is about revealing a private intimate side of yourself. An opportunity to tell your significant other that you love him in an intimate, romantic, sensual way.

Take out that lingerie you got at your bachelorette party. Put on what you’ll be wearing underneath your wedding dress, or wriggle into that special something you bought for your wedding night. Don a vintage slip, baby doll nightie or lacy white teddy. Bring your crinoline and let’s have fun with it.

Accessorize with a strand of pearls, your wedding shoes, a garter, your hairpiece and veil.

Consider wearing something of his, such as a button-down shirt with a tie, a team jersey, or his work uniform.

Check out or for unique wedding apparel such as a custom monogram of his name on a pair of white panties or a bridal tank top.

And don’t forget your engagement ring as it makes a great accessory and focal point for detail shots.

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