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Women posing for a boudoir photo in an Ottawa studio

A boudoir photo is a great gift to yourself when you’'re feeling powerful— or want to regain your power. It'’s also a fabulous gift for your spouse, lover or significant other.

As you can see in the gallery of images, Chantal Benoit boudoir photography is sexy and classy.

For women, a boudoir photo session can be amazing, —empowering and uplifting. It’'s a great ego boost and a huge confidence-builder.

Great boudoir photography is about capturing the essence of a woman, and embracing who you are. Embrace your curves, your laugh lines, your body. You are a gift —share it!

It’'s all about the experience

As you can see from these before-and-after photos, using her talented eye, beautiful lighting and careful posing, Chantal Benoit brings out the best in her subjects.

That'’s because a boudoir photo session at Chantal’'s Ottawa studio is unlike any photographic experience you've ever had. Shot in a candlelit room with soft music, you can enjoy a glass of wine, kick back and relax. Slip out of your daily clothes and into a new state of mind.

Prices for a boudoir session start at $350. In addition, Chantal offers boudoir photo sessions for couples and brides. Or, for a great new spin on old-style look, check out her playful pin-up photos. Featuring fun props and costumes, you'’ll feel just like a movie star!

Confidence is sexy!

Discover why so many of Chantal'’s clients have called the boudoir photo session a life-changing experience. Contact us now by email or call 613-841-1469 and book your no-obligation consultation today!

Boudoir Process

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