7 Things Your Family Photographer Wishes You Knew

October 4, 2016 | by Dan Lalonde Comments

Family dress in white in the fall leafs posing for thei Family photogapher


7. Your photos will turn out better if you let your photographer be in charge
You chose your family photographer because you like their photos, however trying to micromanage the session by telling your photograph how to be posed or asking to see the photos behind the camera, makes them feel like you don’t trust them and ruins the fun. All the photos you loved on their website where taken without help or directions.  They have crafted their art and know what expression to look for, how to pose you to make you look at your best and where the best light is, therefore a telephone poll does not belong in the background of your photo.  Your trust, in your photographer, will be much appreciated.

6. All kids misbehave
Parents get frustrated much quicker when their kids misbehave during a session but all kids do!!  By playing games with them and getting them excited with candies helps establish a better connection and then they are able to calm back down for the photos.  There’s no need to stress because they won’t listen to you.

5. Please relax. You are not the exception
Although you hate having your photo taken because you think you are not photogenic, by listening to your photographer and by following their directions, you will love the way you look in the final photos because a good family photographer knows how to pose their subject in order to capture flattering photos.   You might feel awkward by lifting your chin, placing your feet and hands a certain way but there is a reason behind it.

4. Be kind to each other and to your photographer
Although this is not your favorite thing to do please make the best out of this experience because often someone’s attitude can make or break the session. If you are uptight and cranky the other members will feel it. No one wants to look back at their family photos and remember how everyone was walking on eggshells because of one family member.

After your session, your photographer will go through the photos, image by image and select the final cut. If your session was fun and genuine, this will make he/she smile.  If someone was cranky and difficult it will be no fun at all to relive the experience.

Make the experience as painless as possible by relaxing and making the most out of it. The photos will have a more genuine look to them.

3. The shoot means a lot to you and to your photographer as well
Your photographer is in a state of creativity and passion when they capture your family so he/she can create something beautiful for you.  The photos  that they take of your family represent their work. When you share them with friends and family they want them to look amazing!

2. Your jokes about their prices are not funny
Your comments about their prices being to high implies that their work is not worth paying for. Professional photographers earn their living with their passion and art.   There are many parts of running a small business such as taxes, studio, equipment, website fees etc that a client probably doesn’t understand and your photographer doesn’t talk about when a client makes a joke such as “this better be amazing because we sure are paying for it…” Photographers don’t judge clients by the car they drive or the size of their house so why judge them.

1. A compliment or a simple Thank You would be appreciated
After spending all this time with you and working on your beautiful photos a short email saying, “We love them!” or “These are beautiful” or “We will cherish them” would be very much appreciated.

Following these easy simple tips will make a difference in both the relationships with your photographer and your family photo experience.

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