7 FAQs on Ottawa Family Photography

July 7, 2016 | by Dan Lalonde Comments

Outside family photos.
Having your family session at your home will be more personal

1) How long is the session? Between 45 to 1ho0 depending on the amount of people involved.

2) How many photos will you take? There is no limit to the quantity of groupings photographed. There is no extra cost involved either. During a typical family session, here is the order that I usually follow:

– Whole family (parents, children, spouses and grandkids)
– Immediate family (parents and children)
– Parents
– Individual family (siblings with their spouse and children)
– Siblings
– Other groupings such as grandparents and grandkids or grandkids only and mother daughter can be added or any other request the family might have.

Feel free to bring cats and dogs as they are part of the family too.

Family photo in a studio with a dog.
Bring your pets as they are part of the family too!!

3) When will I see my photos? Another appointment is schedule to see the previews/ordering session. One appointment can be offered for everyone wishing to see the previews or several appointments to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

4) How will I see the photos? The photos are shown on a big screen monitor. Different sizes of photos are displayed on the walls in the consultation room for clients to visualize and all questions are answered. Retouching is also discussed.

5) How can I pay my order? Orders are paid at the time they are placed by cash, cheque or e-Transfer.

6) How long will it take to process my order? There is a waiting period of 3 weeks, once the order is sent to the lab for printing.

7) How will my photos be delivered? 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10 images are placed into a folder, 11×14 and bigger are wrapped in protective paper because these are mounted and laminate. Everyone’s order is sorted separately.

I hope this blog post was useful in answering all your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 613-841-1469 or e-mail if you have any further questions.

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