5 Mistakes to avoid when Hiring their Family Photographer

June 3, 2016 | by Dan Lalonde Comments

family photo in a park
Petrie Island is a great park for a summer family photo


Before hiring a photographer to capture your family memories you might want to consider these common mistakes to avoid any disappointments.

1) Difference of personalities.   No matter what the end results look like, if you don’t get along or like each other you won’t be happy.  The relationship with your photographer will be the beginning of a lifetime friendship.

2) Hiring without a contract. The verbal agreement might cause you many problems. A written agreement will be much better for both parties providing you with a professional service and a better piece of mind.

3) Assuming all photographers work the same way.  Photographers don’t have the same equal standards and not understanding what you have signed for, can cause you headaches as you might not get the same value, service or quality than another professional photographer.

Picture of a family sitting on a blanket.
Photos looking at each other give a casual look

4) Hiring a photographer who has different specialties than the one you are looking for.  A food photographer might not be the best at capturing people.

5) Assuming receiving high resolution photos will be much better than printed images. Technology changes so fast, in the long run, your DVD or USB stick will end up being obsolete.  Your wall artwork will always be there for you to cherish and share with people who come to your home.  Imagine your guest’s reaction when they walk into you home and see beautiful high quality photos hung on your wall as oppose to looking them on your phone, computer or low quality photos printed at a local store.

Family Photographer group shop in a studio.
Wearing soft colors in the studio will give your photo a soft look

Bonus Tips: Making a decision based on price.  Professional photographer with higher price will charge you according to their years of experience and their expertise.  They are called a professional for a reason.  Assuming that the lower cost who will give you the most photos on a disc might not always be the best solution as the quality and services might be much different than a photographer who has been mastering their skills for many years.  Your family is important why based you decision solely on price.

I hope these tips were useful in helping you make your decision.  I would love the opportunity to capture your family heirloom so you can appreciate those memories for years to come.

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